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From the generosity of a land in balance between sea and hills and the legacy left by many civilizations, excellent products tell a heritage made of flavors, culture and traditions. GaDa is an agricultural society born to spread the excellence of genuine and biological products of the valley of the Platani throughout the world. Oil, almonds, fragrant aromas, which will speak to your senses with the simple and sincere language of goodness.

A young reality with solid roots, Gada, thanks to the experience gained in the food sector, looks with confidence to the future. GaDa SRL is an Agricultural Company born in the Valle dei Platani, the green heart of Sicily, where over 100 hectares of Olives, almond trees and aromatic plants are grown, according to the Organic Agriculture regulations in absolute respect for the environment and nature. No chemical substances in the field, weed or insecticides, but natural products and organic substances only. In addition to the Italian Organic, Val Platani has also obtained the specific and exclusive organic certification of foreign countries for the production of almonds and oregano, overcoming the strict controls and verifications required by the organic farming regulations of these states.

The Valle del Platani is the green heart of the Agrigento area, a very fertile hill system crossed by the Platani river which after a long journey leads to the Mediterranean Sea at the foot of the ancient Eraclea Minoa, of which one can still admire the archaeological remains and the Greek theater. The myth tells that here came on wax wings the ingenious architect Daedalus who found hospitality from Kokalos the king of the Sicans who lived in the area. This area still maintains its own peculiarity, the unique charm of a territory where nature, history and myth coexist in harmony.

GaDa Bio Products

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Our Oils

olio biologico


Mandorle Siciliane


origano gaDA bio


origano gaDA bio

GaDa Bio Oil

In Sicily, particularly in the Valle dei Platani, the production of extra virgin olive oil has a centuries-old tradition, like the olive trees from which it is obtained. A precious condiment, a friend of well-being, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Val Platani has some peculiar properties, starting with the typical emerald green color with golden reflections, intense aromatic outfit, low acidity, pleasant but strong taste with light fruity notes.

The Val Platani oil is obtained by pressing olives carefully selected and harvested at the beginning of the phenological phase of maturation at which the epicarp changes. Milling takes place immediately after harvesting. The pulp milling and the subsequent separation of the oily fraction from the other components takes place in containers protected from the air. The extraction takes place cold to guarantee the genuineness and high quality of KALOS CLassico Extra Virgin Olive Oil is KOROS BIO


Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Sicilian

Cold Extraction
This Extra Virgin Medium taste is perfectly balanced and harmonious, with pleasant notes of freshness that recall the scent of the grass.

Advice on use

As a daily condiment; He knows how to give each dish an unmistakable characterin full compliance with the most authentic culinary tradition


Koros Bio from Biological Agricolture

Cold Extraction

Obtained entirely from first-quality Italian olives, grown without the use of chemical products

Advice of Use

Ideal for both cooking and raw seasoning. It is able to enhance the taste of the simplest dishes.

Sicily in a shell: Our Almonds


Sicilian almond is a highly valued product and increasingly in demand throughout the world as its qualities are unparalleled due to the higher oil content of the fruit, fragrance and taste. The area of ​​Agrigento is traditionally the most suited to the production of almonds and the area of ​​the Valle del Platani stands out for its peculiar exposure and fertility. GaDa brings to your home all the goodness of Sicilian Organic Almond that you can enjoy and use in your kitchen, both sweet and savory.

Real Sicilian Almonds

Our Sicily Scent: The Oregano


Sicilian cuisine is famous throughout the world for its extraordinary goodness. A cuisine made of flavors, smells and small secrets like its precious aromas: aromatic herbs capable of enhancing the most hidden flavors and nuances of each dish. The Sicilian oregano is very famous, its scent is really intense and intoxicating. Val Platani’s organic oregano excels in fragrance and releases a delicious taste, even mixed with extra virgin olive oil to flavor grilled dishes and even some type of cheese.

Real Sicilian Origan

Val dei Platani’s Lentils


Green Lentils

The green lentils of the Val dei Platani are grown organically, they are tastier than the traditional ones. The GaDA Green Lentils do not need to be soaked in water and do not flour.

Black Lentils

Black Lentils GaDa will be available from 2020. Black lentils are an excellence of our territory as they are native to the Leonforte variety

Leonforte Black Lentils

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